Ranks Security Services is a leading security provider in NYC.

Why Choose Us?

We fully understand the implications that come with safety and believe that every job is unique which provides a platform for us to tailor services for all our clients.

Affordable Services

We offer the best security personnel in the industry at half the cost of most NYC based security firms. Call today for a free quote.

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We provide Armed & Unarmed Security services.

We also offer International security services. With allies in Germany, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Ecuador Ranks Security Services can deploy security personnel in a moments’ notice.






Client Testimonials

" I live alone, and sometimes I don't feel safe, so I hired Ranks security for personal escorts to my doctors appointments and personal security around my house. They always treat me like family and their security guards are always on time. I've been working with them for a few weeks now and I would not change them for any other company."

"Ranks Security goes above in beyond to keep my restaurant safe. I have large number of customers that patronize my restaurant during after school hours and I had lots of high school teenagers that like to hangout out. Ever since I hired Ranks security to protect my shop, I no long have teens problems, I recommend them to anyone looking for quality security guards."

Skilled Professionals

Our personnel are made up of highly skilled men and women with prowess ranging from low risk to highly volatile situations. Safeguarding your investments is a step that should be taken seriously especially when it involves your livelihood.

Your comfort is our prerogative, no matter how risky the job may be.