About us

This business is licensed by New York State Department of State division license services

Our mission as a company is not to be the largest in the country, we rather be the best in the business. We consistently strive to provide our clients with top quality security service, by providing qualified and well trained security team to secure our clients assets. What set us apart from our competitors?

Law enforcements connections

This company was found by various retired NYPD officers of all ranks, and it also comprised with Federal agents and military connections. We believe with those types of connections, our clients can also have better law enforcements connections and a closer relationship with the Police where their businesses or investments located.

The selection process

“Shield your investments” is what we believe in. Our security officers undergo a rigorous process and training before they can represent Ranks Security Services out in the field while protecting our client’s investments. After a thorough background check, our officers are trained to gain excellent skills in recognizing and deescalating hostile situations. Our trainings are in line with trainings of police departments around the country, up to the authority of a security officer. Our officers joined Ranks as Security guards and become Security Officers upon completion of training.

Our business promises

We promise to uphold clients’ investments to the highest level of regards. If our clients are not completely satisfy with their assigned Security officer, our supervisor and/or account management team will work quickly and efficiently to replace that officer.