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Top 5 Qualities To Look For When Getting Bodyguards New York City

The prevailing conditions, a rapidly changing security scene call for more measures and efforts in securing our property, family, companies and the individuals at organizations at a higher security risk. Kidnappings, abductions, physical attacks, terror attacks etc. are common place now especially at organizations and to high net worth individuals or mega events. This has driven the demand for services provided by security guard company New York City.


One of these is the provision of bodyguards New York City. These trained professionals add a considerable layer of protection and make a significant difference in deterring, preventing and facing a number of security risks. Unlike the usual security guards New York City, these are charged with your personal protection or that of your family members. This requires you to be extra vigilant when selecting one or several armed guards New York City. Here are main qualities to look for;


– Extensive training and experience in security


Get bodyguards New York City with a background in military, police or such related experience. This equips them with skills and the ability to prevent, detect and combat security risks more than just a civilian.


– Good interpersonal skills and customer service


You are going to be spending lots of time with the bodyguard and often it may involve other people. You need someone who caters for your needs with little hassle and also seamlessly interacts with other people without causing issues. They should maintain utmost courtesy and professionalism.



– Good communication skills


This is an essential quality. Bodyguards New York City should be able to communicate effectively verbally, through gestures and writing. Listening skills are also essential. This allows for clear, accurate and eloquent communication avoiding blunders and assumptions. Writing skills come in handy in making reports while the rest cover day to day proceedings. Communicating effectively is usually critical in preventing and dealing with security risks.


– Good judgment and decision making skills


While a security guard company New York City can provide its guards with training and courses of assessing various scenarios, judgement and decision making boils down to the individual. Proper and fast decision making helps you avoid security risks and also ensures your armed security guards New York City do not become a danger to those around you through misjudgment of a security risk.


– Other specialized skills


Your security guard should not just know how to handle firearms and hand to hand combat. Bodyguards New York City should be able to have other critical skills like first aid, swimming and specialized driving skills which are important in times of danger. They should also know what to do in case of a fire, and use of a number of security gadgets.


At Ranks Security Services we provide you with a wide range of security guards New York City options. Enjoy tailored services to meet your needs with all guards well trained and experienced in handling different scenarios. Contact or visit us to get affordable quotes for experienced and professional bodyguards in the industry.


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