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Is your current security guard company Poughkeepsie City providing the best possible service without sacrificing on quality? Trust Ranks Security Services to help you establish systems that eliminate or minimize all your security risks. Our company was founded to protect VIPs, employees and assets against theft, criminal damage, assault, battery among other unsafe situations. We will provide just the security you need to run your business or go on with your day to day life with peace of mind.


Should an emergency arise, trust the team at Trust Ranks Security to assist. Our guards are all licensed and insured and have undergone thorough background checks. We only use active and retired police officers and detectives with military backgrounds. Our security guards Poughkeepsie City have real life experiences dealing with security issues that are unique to your organization or event. We know your security situation is specific and must be handled with attention to detail and discretion. That’s why our company only utilizes professional armed guards Poughkeepsie City. We take pride in providing security analysis that is accurate and can help you to set up a system that mitigates all your risks.


Ranks Security Services will sit down with you and review all your security concerns and needs. Our security guard company Poughkeepsie City has a well experienced consultancy team that has worked for all kinds of businesses and private individuals. Officers with military backgrounds and former police officers are part of our team. After reviewing your security situation, we’ll write down a detailed report providing recommendations on how to deal with current and emerging security concerns. We’ll make sure all your needs are met. Whether you need bodyguards Poughkeepsie City or a new surveillance system to safeguard your premises, our team is fully capable to meet all your demands.



Ranks Security Services offers unmatched mobile patrol services to its clients. We understand how important it is for you to provide security to your residence or place of business. That why we come fully equipped with modern security vehicles and well trained security guards Poughkeepsie City capable of handling different situations. Our mobile patrol service will help you deter criminals giving your residence or business full time security at a very affordable cost. We can have security guards Poughkeepsie City driving around your property making sure that anyone who has criminal intentions keeps off. Not only do we offer a cost effective means of deterring crime but also a dependable mobile patrol service second to none.


We have highly trained staff who can provide your school, hospital or any other facility a safe and secure environment. We have both armed and unarmed guards to protect your premises from any kind of security threat. Whether you need security guards Poughkeepsie City with metal detectors or mobile patrols, let us help you make your environment more secure. Security is our passion and expertise and we will be happy to serve you.


Call us to prepare a free consultation and give you peace of mind knowing that the best security guards Poughkeepsie City are there for you.


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