The following is a list of security services provided throughout NYC, Long Island and beyond.

Our Services

Ranks Security Services offers several services, all geared towards making your project or workplace safe. We ensure that we give you the most suitable team for the job. We are ideal for malls, cinemas, all kinds of theatres, concerts, road shows, banks, businesses as well as concierge and bodyguard services.


Your package will be determined by the needs and the preferences you have. These services are ideal for industries, construction sites, schools and business premises with huge compounds. They are also ideal for businesses with a huge staff for the purpose of keeping order.


Are you looking for door guards at your premise? We provide all levels of door and gate guards depending on the level of security needed. Our guards are well equipped with restraining gadgets for low risk areas and heavy artillery for high risk ones. The guards blend well within the various work places ensuring that your staff and clients feel safe and secure.


We provide security services for celebrity and high profile individuals too. We also provide vehicle escorts, both armed and unarmed, with company vehicles or client’s personal vehicle. This may be on short term or long term basis. Our guards are highly trained and well equipped to handle threats at whatever level. They’re also well trained to interact with the clients professionally while providing peace of mind.

Concierge Services

We provide concierge services for high profile clients that want well versed and mannered guards. Our guards are able to not only blend with the clients but ensure that you have a good time while keeping you safe.


Security is all about knowledge; and information strengthens the physical act of defense and protection. We offer consultancy when it comes to security support and the installations needed. We are technologically advanced and well equipped to provide you with solutions at every level for you and your business. We also assess situations before recommending services to our clients for the purpose of providing the best solutions.